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We have been teaching holistic bodywork and energy-work in the greater Los Angeles area for over 40 years.  In our environment, rich with the opportunity for self-discovery and transformation, we equip every student with the best tools available to excel at a lasting and fruitful career as a therapeutic bodyworker.


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Our unique bodywork programs open the door to increased awareness of one’s own body, heart and mind.Our programs approach the body holistically, revealing how our unique perspectives and experiences manifest in our physical form. This exploration gives rise to growth and transformation that is personal and expansive. 



Our classes provide a safe, supportive, compassionate environment where authenticity and individual excellence are inspired by the learning process.  By communicating with the body in a conscious and fully connected way touching the body touches the soul.


We believe that by touching the body consciously the transformation of an entire being occurs and ripples out into the world.  Our name encompasses our approach which honors the harmonizing of the whole: body, mind, and spirit in all aspects of our curriculum as well as our teaching modalities.

We are committed to training sensitive compassionate individuals who practice the massage technique with an artistry that profoundly touches the lives of others and brings lasting personal and professional fulfillment. For us touching the body…touches the soul.


Mastery of all artful movements, including sports, martial arts and dance, requires learning the proper form. The IPSB style (TM), derived from the ancient art form known as Tai Chi Chuan, is one that engages the core, the entire physical body and the life force energy that animates all living things.


Along with a diverse range of technical massage skills and sound body mechanics, at LEI you will learn to trust your intuitive voice to feel confident with working with clients upon graduation.  


Increasingly more people turn to massage therapy to treat their tension, pain, stress or injuries, as massage is considered a leading alternative care modality in both the eastern and western medical paradigms.  Massage & bodywork have also gained neuro-scientific recognition for effective psycho-somatic healing - that is, healing the body as well as the mind. 


For new practitioners entering the world of massage, the IPSB style taught at the Life Energy Institute stands out, as offering: 


* excellent, holistic bodywork instruction

* sound body mechanics instruction (prevent burn-out)

* flexible scheduling 

* a community of professional and compassionate healers ​


The IPSB Style of massage attracts people at all stages of life to study massage therapy. Whether this is your first career step, a complement to your existing income, for a more flexible lifestyle, to assist an injured loved one, or for a more fulfilling and rewarding career. Whatever your calling, you are warmly welcomed into the IPSB at LEI community. 


IPSB at LIfe Energy Institute is now the official Custodian of Records for Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing (IPSB) students who attended the school prior to July 1, 2016. 


IPSB at Life Energy Institute is honored to continue the legacy of the IPSB style of massage therapy in the greater Los Angeles area. 



IPSB is the original school of holistic massage in the greater Los Angeles area since 1979.  Our distinctive approach to massage training, which integrates body mind therapies with masterful body mechanics, continues IPSB’s tradition as a recognized leader in massage training.  In our environment, rich with the opportunity for self- discovery and transformation, we equip every student with the best tools available to excel at a lasting and fruitful career as a therapeutic bodyworker.  The student who graduates from our training acquires clinical and creative experiences that afford greater professional autonomy. After completing 500 hours of the 550 Hour IMBP or IEBP Programs, you will be eligible for the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) Certification. Once you have achieved your CMT license, you can immediately begin work in the massage therapy field. 


Our programs are approved by the following associations; BPPE, CAMTC, NCTMB, APTA. We have close working relationships with ABMP and AMT. 


IPSB at Life Energy Institute has offered this leading Craniosacral training in California since 1983. Craniosacral work is a complimentary adjunctive therapy to any other modality, on the tissue or at a fluidic or energetic level. Classes are open to new practitioners and to those currently practicing such as massage therapists, bodyworkers, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists and any other body-mind-spirit healing practitioners.

Our programs are approved by the following associations; BPPE, NCTMB, ABMP and APTA.


IPSB at Life Energy Institute is a resource and educational center for the advancement of Polarity Therapy. Classes are open to all beginning their Polarity Therapy journey and those seeking to expand their holistic practices.  



There are a myriad of opportunities available to our graduates. Since the body/mind connection is being widely recognized as the key to health, holistic body therapists are being added as a component to many healthcare programs. Doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, health clubs and spas are now utilizing massage therapists to provide massage therapy in conjunction with the services they offer. Our graduates have also found employment as: 


  • Entrepreneur

    • Private Practice - own & run your own holistic business

    • Chair Massage - work in natural food/health stores, public and private events, film locations, festivals, retail locations, offices and airports 

    • Charity Fundraisers 


  • Holistic

    • Wellness Centers

    • Massage Clinics

    • Rehab Centers

    • Spas

    • Hotels & Resorts

    • Cruise Lines


  • Sports 

    • Fitness Centers

    • Health Clubs &

    • Sporting Events

    • Sports Teams


  • Medical

    • Physical Therapy

    • Chiropractic Clinics

    • Medical Offices

    • Hospitals

    • Medical Volunteer Organizations

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*Note: BPPE Fact Sheets are based on program completion within 12 months. IPSB at LEI 550 Hour Programs run for 18 months, resulting in most students completing their training on time, however listed in the 150% (or extended) time bracket. 

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