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IPSB at Life Energy Institute offers a year-round program, including daytime, evening, intensive and weekend courses to accommodate students with various schedules. Curriculum for our programs is consistent, regardless of schedule. Not all schedules are offered every year. Class duration in terms of weeks may vary due to holidays.


We hold several FREE Polarity/Cranial Open Houses regularly throughout the year. Staff members demonstrate techniques and introduce the Institute’s philosophy. These orientations are very helpful in presenting to students the warm and creative learning environment found in our school.  

This program marks the beginning of the journey. These first five core classes are filled with exploration, discovery and can be a wonderful self healing process​. At the end of this course, a Certificate of Completion is presented. This training is a prerequisite for the RPP Program.



  • Polarity I - General Session

  • Polarity II - Language of the Chakras

  • Communication, Resonance & Relations I 

  • Evaluation & Preparation for Practice

  • Clinical Development


Additional requirements for obtaining the APP certification are:


  • Receive 5 sessions from an RPP Practitioner. 

  • Complete 30 written case studies, reviewed by an RPP from our Mentorship Program. These 30 case studies are applicable towards the RPP case study requirements.

*After completion of the APP program, students must apply to the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) to receive the designation Associate Polarity Practitioner. 


Modern scientific research is just beginning to document this simple truth which has been the basis of Eastern medical traditions for thousands of years, and it is revolutionizing how we think about our health.

Polarity Therapy is on the cutting edge of this revolution – bringing the study of energy out of the esoteric realm of quantum physics and nuclear particle accelerators into, quite literally, the palms of our hands.

Just as there are subtle electromagnetic forces which bind the parts of an atom together, there are subtle patterns of energy which create and sustain all living things. This “life energy” expresses itself not only through our physical bodies but also through our thoughts, feelings, personal relationships, and everyday experiences.

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*Note: BPPE Fact Sheets are based on program completion within 12 months. IPSB at LEI 550 Hour Programs run for 18 months, resulting in most students completing their training on time, however listed in the 150% (or extended) time bracket. 

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