Wake up and start crowing! It's year of the Rooster!

Ok. We live in polarized times. What are you going to do about it? Revenge is also a Buddhist philosophy. “How so?” you might ask. A way to build equanimity is to take the emotional experience of the moment and find a way to honor it. In other words, the things that come up (inside) that spark us, are igniting us to follow our purpose. Whatever it is that “gets to you” these days (and there is enough around to get everyone), why not ask the question: “How could I channel my experience into the direction of my Soul’s purpose?” Isn’t the hero’s journey one of adversity that leads to realization and attainment? This is a good time to ask: “What is deep inside of me that I would like to real

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*Note: BPPE Fact Sheets are based on program completion within 12 months. IPSB at LEI 550 Hour Programs run for 18 months, resulting in most students completing their training on time, however listed in the 150% (or extended) time bracket. 

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